Most of us practicing, dental professionals have attended study groups, conferences and events to learn how we can grow our practice. Though we're dedicated to doing the work while we're there (taking notes, coming up with new ideas), many of us also fall back into a regular routine once we're back home — despite our best intentions!

Yet, all successful professionals will tell you that it's necessary to delegate responsibilities to grow a business — even more, it has to happen inside your practice. Your employees have set responsibilities, whether it's checking in clients to managing the office or providing care. Similarly, you need a team member to manage your marketing.

Your marketing team member(s) should be responsible for:

1. Understanding how to utilize your WOW factor to attract potential new patients

2. Developing patient-centric marketing plans to transform your current patients into a salesforce

3.  Launching marketing campaigns for team, patients, and community engagement

4. Directing and evaluating tracking systems for maximum growth

5. Creating, managing and measuring monthly reports

6. Delegating a marketing budget to increase ROI with efficient marketing source

7. Overseeing the practice's online presence to achieve consistent branding while enhancing credibility

8. Evaluating other marketing outlets and companies that can help grow the practice efficiently

9.  Leveraging Social Media to get new patients - including trends, tips and tools for an engaging presence

10.  Managing a marketing plan for the year, social media calendar and tons of resources to make it all happen!  

here's how we'll transform your team, together

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In order for team member(s) to achieve this, they need knowledge, communication and organizational skills, and tools to help them achieve set goals. They also need real-life examples on the struggles, roadblocks and tips on how to make it happen!

Here's where I come in.

 When I started my career in dental marketing, I had just completed my college degree and began work in a dental practice. The doctors provided tools and supported me to learn more by sending me to courses, conferences and events. Today, I'm a practicing dental hygienist, a national speaker, successful dental marketing consultant, and the owner of a dental marketing company. I've had the opportunities to work with all sizes of dental practices — from some with one owner with a small practice to some multi-practice owners with big teams. Working with diverse practices and observing their needs, I've always found one thing to be true: 

You need a team member (s) in your practice to manage your marketing.

I've used my knowledge as a consultant, practicing dental professional and experience as an in-house marketing director to launch a series of exclusive workshops that will train your employees to become the marketing team of your dreams. 

Workshops are exclusive, and will be limited to 10 people only.  Each session will last six hours. You and your team will learn everything mentioned above, and much much more!

This workshop is right for you and your team if:

✔  You're serious about growing your practice

✔  You want to train your team to help grow your practice

✔  You want to streamline your current marketing to achieve efficient results

✔  You have many marketing ideas, but hardly any of them are ever realized

✔  You want to stay above the competition to thrive and grow

Does this sound like a good fit?

if so, Contact us to get the details! 

What other people say about the workshop

On the ball, engaging and extremely informative! Absolutely fantastic and the content information is very helpful. She answered questions anyone had in a concise and engaging manner.
The course was very informative. I learned a lot and gained knowledge on different marketing techniques and how to market. Thank you so much!
Extremely encouraging! Provided immense amount of detailed information.
Wonderful course! I can’t wait to implement what I learned. You are awesome!
Excellent information presented in an interesting way. Hours flew by! Thank you for the great ideas!
Completely engaging and informative! She has the “WOW” factor and I loved this course. “WOW” factor + infinity!

Minal Sampat has proudly been featured on Dentistry IQ, Dr. Bicuspid,The Thriving Dentist Podcast Show by Gary Takacs, interviewed by Dr. Howard Farran on Dentistry Uncensored, and many more.