4 Ways Dentists Can Utilize Marketing to Stay Ahead of the Game

Social media marketing is crucial for dentists. If done effectively, marketing can boost the number of new patients and the amount of patients returning for recare.

Dentistry, compared to other healthcare fields, is unique in that patient willingness to make appointments is rather low. Consumers view dentist appointments as non-essential, money-wasters, and uncomfortable and painful experiences. It’s our job to change these beliefs!

This is where social media marketing enters the picture. Social media allows you, the dentist, to connect with patients on a more personal level. As the adage goes, "Out of sight, out of mind" and that's the last place you want to be!

GMM highlights 4 ways to stay ahead of the game and effectively market your dental practice.

1. Post engaging and social content

It is essential to develop a social media presence to connect with patients.  You want to keep an ongoing relationship with your patient, and not have it end the moment they walk out of the office door.

Utilize platforms like Facebook.  Create a Facebook page, ask your patients to join, and post engaging content!  Your posts should not consist of entirely dental-related material.  The content you post should always be both social and engaging and relate to real-life! You want to remain visible and not out of sight.

“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.” – Jay Baer

2. Have a designated Social Media Team Member

When you post engaging statuses on social media, the tendency for these posts to be Liked, Shared, or Commented on dramatically increases.  This creates visibility to a previously untapped consumer base.

Dental practices should designate one employee to take upon the extra task of social media management.  This ensures that content is posted frequently (daily, preferably) and keeps your practice fresh on your patients’ minds.  This Social Media Manager can also address patients directly and timely by responding to questions, concerns, and critiques.  It is essential to reach out to any poor comments left on your page within 24-48 hours so that problems and concerns can be handled appropriately.

3. Have a mobile-compatible website

Having a mobile-compatible website will give your practice a huge competitive advantage.  Statistics show that the majority of internet use is completed on a mobile device, including the search for a new dentist! 

Not only do you need a website, but you need to ensure it is mobile-compatible.  What this means is that all website functionality must also work if viewed on a smartphone or tablet.  There is nothing that makes a person exit your page quicker than a tiny website built for a desktop captured on a mobile screen.  If you don’t believe us, just take a moment to examine your own smartphone usage.  What do you personally look for on websites?  Chances are this is what your patients look for too.

Make sure your website is clear and direct with offered services and with contact information easy to access.  Most people will reject a practice based on its lack of mobile capabilities if they are not able to quickly find information on the site.

4. Revive the Recare System

As important as a Social Media Manager is, so is having a recare system staff.  This staff is responsible for contacting patients to come in for biannual cleanings.  As we all know, patients are reluctant to come in for regular visits to the dentist and delay scheduling appointments.  It is very easy for patients to fall behind and neglect their oral health.

It takes an appropriate person to contact them and welcome them back to the practice in an endearing fashion. This is marketing in itself for returning patients. Your staff is a representation of your dental practice and is the face marketing your practice every day.  As great as it is to cultivate new patient relationships, it is also important to strengthen the bonds with existing patients

Give these marketing techniques a try and measure your results!  Implementing a revitalized marketing strategy into your business will not only grow your patient count, but increase lifetime patient value and build stronger relationships with your patients and the community.

Be sure to take the time to stay atop of social media trends and adapt your strategy accordingly. Stay in the know regarding changes in the social networks or which new startups are generating buzz. These tips are sure to enhance your marketing strategy and improve the success of your practice. Good luck!

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