Using Social Media Analytics For Brand Success

Social media analytics can help businesses make tiny changes that have a huge impact on their brand success. For example, by changing a marketed hashtag from date specific, #MTVMusicAwards2017, to non-date specifc, #MTVMusicAwards, the MTV brand can go from 40,000 hashtag mentions to 200,000 hashtag mentions within a day. Through these minor changes, companies can double, triple, and even quadruple their website traffic and social media presence. With a boost in website traffic and social media presence, businesses can increase revenues and word of mouth advertising as well as improve company branding and brand awareness.

Other analytics, such as timing and demographics, can help businesses determine what the ages are of its most engaged users and what time of the day engagement levels peak. These types of analytics can help a company choose a social strategy of when and where to share posts and promote events that will maximize brand success. While most social media networking sites include analytical tools, such as Facebook and Google+, there are free analytical tools for those networking sites that do not. These free analytic tools include Google Analytics, Klout,  TweetReach and the popular social media dashboard HootSuite.

Once businesses evaluate the analytics of their social media presence, they can take the necessary steps to make minor or major changes to increase the success of their engagement tactics. However, using analytical tools to make social media changes will not always result in positive feedback; it will take experimentation to determine what will work for a business and what will not work.

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