Tweet, Tweet; The Most Effective Ways To Use Twitter For Business

Tweet, Tweet.png

Ever wonder how to use Twitter in the most effective way possible to create a positive social media presence for your company? Look no further! The following list are tips on how to get the most out of the popular micro-blogging site.

1.     Brand Presentation: A business’s twitter account is the foundation of their twitter presence; therefore, a company’s twitter should be consistent with the company website and other social media sites used. The twitter username, profile image, profile header, and profile background should be identical to the company’s brand image and logo.

2.     Strong Profile Foundation: When setting up a business profile, it is crucial that the account profile is setup completely to ensure important details are being delivered to the users. The location of the company, the company’s website address, and a company biography are all important information that needs to be included.

3.     Following Users: Following users will ultimately define a business’s Twitter experience; therefore, companies should pay close attention to who they follow. To get the most out of the Twitter experience, companies should follow customers, business partners, vendors, competitors, trade organizations, and local businesses.

4.     Intelligent Tweeting: When tweeting, companies should focus on topics that promote their products or services to the target audience. Including images and videos in tweets are also recommended to gain follower interest. Providing useful information and answers to audience questions will allow companies to win over followers, potentially turning them into customers.

5.     Website and Blog Traffic: Companies should try to include website and blog links to their tweets as much as possible to increase traffic. 

6.     Increase Online Presence: All businesses should have their Twitter account linked to their website and blog. Along with the follow button Twitter provides for websites, a timeline of Twitter messages is also available to add to company websites, doubling the exposure without increasing the efforts.

7.     Hashtags: Hashtags are used in Twitter to connect common topics amongst users, by generating a list of tweets posted with the same hashtag that can easily be viewed. A hashtag can be created for a company to use as a marketing tool, as it can help users find a company within the Twitter universe as well as help users find the conversations the company is included in.

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