Staying Engaged

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You’ve done effective marketing campaigns that have increased your patient count, brought in referrals, and increased your profits. But don’t worry, the fun doesn’t end there.

Let’s ponder this question—how do you keep these patients?

Effective marketing does not stop once you get a new patient. Next, your team, or dental practice, needs to tackle In-office engagement. In-office engagement is the person-to-person interaction your team conducts with the patients each time they visit the office.

Why is this important?

Let’s be honest. Patients only visit the dentist, if we’re lucky, at least twice a year. As a dental practice, you want to stay in touch with your patients and make each visit an enjoyable and pleasant one, almost as if the patient is coming back home to visit their family, their Dental Family.

There are some easy and fun ways to increase in-office engagement with your patients. Build these into your daily routine and start to notice changes in your patients’ reception towards you.

Smile! You work for a dental practice! Smiling should be everywhere! It may seem silly to even mention this, but greet every person that walks through the doors with a smile. Be friendly, make eye contact, speak clearly, shake hands, and be welcoming. Most patients dread coming to the dentist and are looking for reasons to not enjoy the visit. Let’s not give them one!

Embrace holidays! Festivities to celebrate these holidays already exist, you just have to implement them! Make a list with your team of upcoming holidays and decide which ones you want to focus on.

With your team, brainstorm with ideas on how to work these holidays into your practice. Set up contests, campaigns, and decorations to liven up the office.

A great example is Autism Awareness. Get your team and patients involved by wearing blue, decorating your office with puzzle pieces and truly spreading awareness about autism. 

Ask your patients to fill out a quick survey at the end of their visit and measure these results. Offer a small raffled prize for all those that fill out the survey. You’ll get immediate results and critiques and can start responding to these results.

There’s a multitude of ways to increase in-office engagement. It all boils down to something very simple. Your patients are an extension of your family. Treat them as such. Talk with them, engage with them, find out what they like and don't like, and start to introduce these items into your practice. This engagement and budding relationship will not only bring your patients into your office, but keep them coming back for years.

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