How To Make Time For Marketing?

I LOVE this question because it really focuses on the one BIG road block that I see happen almost everywhere. We all go to seminars, conferences, do webinars, read about marketing and while we are in the moment, we love it all and feel excited to get started. However, when we reach the office, the folder with all the information and ideas gets filed away and nothing happens. I have certainly been there and I am sure many of you have too. So how do we fix this?

I will share with you what I do to not only make time for marketing, but also make sure I incorporate new ideas and stay on track!

1) Make It Happen! I know this is how I usually END my writing, but this is the most important aspect of getting things done and we will start with that today. I want you to look at your calendar for the week and find 2 hours. Look at the day when you actually have time. Not a day where you are completed booked or have tentative plans. I am talking about that one day where you have no other priorities and can focus for those 2 hours. Schedule those 2 hours EVERY WEEK and call it "Make It Happen Time". This is the time where you should not be disturbed, should not be doing a webinar, not reading an article and not even Facebooking! Use this time to write down all the marketing ideas you have, create a to do list, and lastly write down how you think you can "Make It Happen". If you absolutely cannot get 2 hours, start with 1 hour...but schedule that time into your calendar. This will not only make sure you have time scheduled to Make It Happen, but will also take away the overwhelming feeling and make you more productive.

2) Prioritize! There are way too many things out there and even worse, way too many things our competition is doing. What I want you to do is take a step back. Write down the 2 marketing priorities for the upcoming month. For example, November is in 2 weeks. This is a good time to write down 2 marketing items you want to do in November (look at yesterday's poll for some ideas). Prioritizing is the KEY to getting things done efficiently. When you try to do too much, everything will be mediocre. When you focus on just a couple of items, you will be able to deliver and track the results.

3) Brainstorm! Since you now have your 2 marketing ideas for the upcoming month, meet with the team members who will make them a reality. You will be seeing patients, so who will be taking care of the marketing? Think of that person and discuss the ideas with him or her. Your ideas need to focus on 3 conversions - team engagement, patient engagement and broadcasting. If you have an idea, how will you make sure the patients are engaging with it, how will you make your team participate in it and how will you let the "world" know about it? Brainstorming will allow you to come up with a plan to streamline all your ideas.

4) Timeline! If it does not go on a calendar, no one will know when to do what! Create a timeline and make sure deadlines are attached to it. You know I am all about tools. You have gmail? an iphone? online calendar platforms? I love my gmail calendar. I have my calendar synced with my computer and my phone. This allows me to view it on any device I have on hand and I have it categorized for work, personal and team. This way all my activities are color coded for easy viewing. Another trick that I use is alerts. I have alerts set up to my liking so I am altered about my upcoming task and this helps me stay on track. One resource that I use with my team and clients is called Trello. Trello is an online calendar system meant for teams. I am able to add deadlines, photos, communicate and create task lists for my entire team. It works like a charm. I will do a Trello screen share this week so everyone can see how to use it.

5) Accountability! There is probably no question as to why this is important. You need someone in charge who can take your marketing ideas and run with it. The person not only has to execute the marketing campaign, but also needs to focus on the progress and the roadblocks that occurred. This is important so you can track how the marketing ideas are going and what needs to be updated. Not every marketing idea is meant for you. Not all dental practices will have the same results with the same marketing campaign. There is a trial and error period...and that's okay. You will get will take time to find your niche, but if you are persistent, you will get there.

Pro Tip - When you are at a conference or a CE course, email yourself the one item you really want to focus on. This way you will have that email saved in your inbox and will go back to it when you reach the office :). You can even create a "Ideas" folder in your email and save that email there. Go to that folder during your "Make It Happen Time" and actually make it happen!

Give this all a try and let me know how it works for you! I am here for any questions you have.

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