Twitter to remove 140-character limit

Is Twitter removing its 140-character limit?  It sure seems like it!

Recently, Twitter removed the 140-character limit from Direct Messaging, signaling that perhaps the company is gearing up for a bigger change in the near future. 

According to reliable sources, Twitter is now working on removing the 140-character limit on Tweets as well.  With the return of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the company is looking for innovative ways to revitalize the social media platform and removing this limit would be a great step in the right direction.

As a ‪small business, Twitter is a great tool for engaging directly with consumers, and sometimes there's just a lot to say.  140 characters keeps messages succinct but also causes confusion, wrong interpretations, and countless frustrations.  At the same time, Twitter is known for being the platform for quick witted messages, to deliver key updates, or to provide headlines. 

How do you prefer to use Twitter?

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