Social Media cashes in on 2016 Election

With the ‪‎Election 2016 inching closer every day, technology companies have taken an early lead to secure their digital marketing budgets.  Social media platforms are already compiling all our user data to help with targeting election campaign ads.

This article analyzes Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat and the way these platforms will be used in the election.  According to estimates, over $1 billion, or 9.5% of political media budgets, will be used for social media targeting.  Imagine how much time you spend on Facebook to read news, share opinions, and engage in critical dialogue about the presidential candidates and important economic and political events.  You usage is tracked by the websites, and this data will allow for better targeted marketing. 

"Operatives can target ads to potential voters who are interested in certain issues, like gun control or the economy, or based on demographic characteristics. Facebook has a robust set of data about its users. Users tell the platform about their likes and dislikes and are controversially required by the social network to keep the name they “use in real life."

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