LinkedIn's E-mail Invasion

It looks like LinkedIn has gotten into a bit of trouble over its "Add Connections" feature.  If you used this feature, you could have money to claim due to LinkedIn flooding user inboxes.

Make sure you put in your claim now if you're eligible.  

"LinkedIn took advantage of the access to people’s contact lists to send two follow-up emails to remind the person of the pending invite. The court found that this action was done without the users’ consent."

Email marketing is a great tool but only in moderation.  It's always important to respect your users' privacy and not spam them with emails.  As we tell our clients, always imagine being on the receiving end of the marketing.  Put yourself in your patient's shoes.  Utilizing successful marketing is walking the fine-line between doing too little and doing too much that it borders on annoyance and spam.  We want to connect with our patients and clients by getting our brand and our message out, but not becoming too intrusive. 

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