Facebook Gets a Face Lift

Big changes are coming to our Facebook profiles, some of which you may have already noticed.

Facebook is changing up its Profile Picture game by allowing users to upload a short-video, creating a dynamic experience in lieu of a static profile picture. 

Other features includes what we at GMM call the "out-of-office" profile picture.  If you’re going away on vacation for a week, or even if you want to show support for your favorite football team, users can temporarily change their picture for a specified amount of time.

With these changes, Facebook is giving its users a more customized experience, by allowing them to curate their own content on the profile page.  The profile view will become more customizable with a short bio and a Featured Pictures section. 

Additionally, you’ll notice a change to Photo albums as well.  Instead of each thumbnail showing at the same size, Facebook will place emphasis on certain pictures and videos, allowing the media to stand out on your Friends’ newsfeeds.  


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