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Middlesex County Dental Society

Dental marketing strategies that convert into practice profitability

Course objective: To learn and engage in marketing strategies specific to dental practices.

Speaker: Minal Sampat, RDH - Growth ManagementMarketing, LLC

Course Outline:

1. Recognition of the new brand and brand culture

-Understand brand from a patient point of view

-Create a patient centered brand culture

2. Create a WOW factor

-How to develop the WOW factor

-Learn how to utilize the WOW factor in the marketing plan

3. Understand how the team is the face of the brand

-Create goals and accountability for the entire team

-Delegate tasks to fulfill every project

4. Streamline online identity

-Develop online identity

-Weave digital media platforms together

5. Understand how to leverage Social Media

-What to share on social media

-Learn how to use social media effectively

6. Create a marketing plan that works for your practice

-Create a marketing plan

-Create a goal

-Assign roles

-Outline all items to fulfill the marketing plan

7. Tools to effectively manage your online identity

-Free tools to use to manage marketing

-Track results

-Get content

-Do graphic design